Abyssal Dreams

by I Am Your Wife!

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Mike Mcconnell
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Mike Mcconnell Rough but direct and quite wordy for this sort of err.. noisepunk? Favorite track: The Spidergoat Lullaby.


When men in books awake from a vision, they commonly find themselves in some place in which they might have fallen asleep; they yawn in a chair, or lift themselves with bruised limbs from a field. His experience was something much more psychologically strange if there was indeed anything unreal, in the earthly sense, about the things he had gone through. He could only remember that gradually and naturally he knew that he was and had been walking along a country lane with an easy and conversational companion. They were walking like old friends, and were in the middle of a conversation about some triviality. He could only feel an unnatural buoyancy in his body and a crystal simplicity in his mind that seemed to be superior to everything that he said or did. Dawn was breaking over everything in colours at once clear and timid; as if Nature made a first attempt at yellow and a first attempt at rose. A breeze blew so clean and sweet, that they could not think that it blew from the sky at all.

The Man Who Was Thursday - G.K. Chesterton


released May 23, 2015

Recorded at Soup Studios, Limehouse, London. Engineered, mixed and produced by Giles Barrett and David Holmes.

Mastered at 3345 mastering by Noel Summerville.




Red Stone Plaice Records London, UK

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Track Name: War of The Ants
Tonight ladies and gentlemen dozing before your TV screen. The static light dancing over your corpulent faces. We bring you the war you waited all your life to see. Broadcast direct from our studio on the South Bank to the centre of your brain live and in glorious stereo vision it’s…THE WAR OF THE ANTS

They weaponized the cordyceps, that burrow down into your brain
You cede control to higher power, that drives you up towards the sky
You sit there waiting for your dreams, until one day your head explodes

Cut to commercial for the latest dispatch from the marketing company that has taken it upon themselves to decide how best for you to live your life. Your life has been planned out in advance as a series of viral campaigns so put down your boron Poindexter, it will not save you now, salvation emanates only from the chrome finished, WiFi enabled, internet of things available directly from…THE WAR OF THE ANTS

You live in fear of fire ants, who see the seed in everything,
To keep themselves out of the mouth, they'd offer Moloch anything.
You wish you ever felt a thing, but cold regret at never was

In a blind panic you stagger out into the street with the sound of our studio band echoing behind you. Dodging the flak from every direction until you trip and stumble into a blind deaf alley. The pain in your head swells as the deformed mutating bone starts to crack and protrude, the toughening of your skin is just your body preparing you for a life of service to THE WAR OF THE ANTS

And if you just took one minute of your sugar sucking lives If you could endure a few moments of the terrifying clarity of reality. You might realise that you outnumber them a million to one but You will never be more than you are. Divided and conquered, vegetating, masticating, fornicating, genuflecting, salivating and never realising that in the war that they are feeding you…YOU ARE THE ANTS
Track Name: AGENT16
AGENT16 stands on the corner in the middle of the city
as she marks the mark she says don't you think that I look pretty
In this little dress with my scarro knee

AGENT16 is a girl that you can call
of negotiable affection with her heel against the wall
her asset hits the floor as she issues a silent scream

At night when in her bed, what rattles through her head is

Oh my Glob I have just wasted my life on you
losers and boozers you part time abusers of love

AGENT16 says that she is self employed that her
tactics are avoision and they're easily deployed
in any situation beneath London Bridge station

AGENT16 lies all crumpled in the bar where
her kids have got their knives and they cut too deep and hard 'til
her blood begins to pool and congeal beneath the stars

At night when in her bed, what rattles through her head

Oh my God I have just wasted my life on you
losers and boozers you part time abusers of love

NOW my family all hate me and my best friends they berate me
for my choices in this life I never could have been your wife
I make a little money when I sell my dirty soul
I make a little extra when you fill a dirty hole

AGENT16 come in your time is up
Your time is up
Track Name: Joel
And Joel is alive and living inside a hospice downtown
He stalks through the night in the absence of light crowbar in hand
He jimmies and pries just beneath cold dead eyes going in for the teeth
See Joel get’s his kick, when they’re rubbed on his dick, when he’s rubbing one out

Joel is alive and living beside a kindergarten
The kids run to see Mister Winky they all want to play
They all laugh and scream he says it’s a dream one you should forget
My lawyer advised, this should be clarified, Mister Winky’s a dog

A dog shaped like his cock.

Poor old Phoebe, he gave her TB Piles AIDS HIV
Necrotic Diarrhea, porcine gonorrhea, mumps and rubella
Meningitis, encephalitis, dutch elm disease
Myxomatosis in gargantuan doses, really bad times

Fucking bad times.

Joel is Alive
Joel is Alive
Joel is Alive (But he’s a cunt yeah)
Joel is Alive (A massive cunt yeah)
Joel is Alive (He fucked your mum yeah)
Joel is Alive (Right in the bum yeah)


Joel is alive and living a life of sordid disgrace
He travels the earth with diseased afterbirth tainting his trail
Blood spits when he shits red tears from the slits where his eyes used to be
So worship appease sacrificed on your knees to this dirty old cunt

To this dirty old cunt.
Track Name: Let's Get Depraved
You seemed so self assured down at the whisky social
The night we went down and we kicked up all that fuss
Then later that night we went back to your flat
to do the sort of things that we have seen in grothouse films
And you scream baby, let's get depraved

I've seen there's something of the night behind your eyes
And when we strip we strip ourselves of something else
A thin veneer sat between right and wrong
and in the morning light now I no longer feel so bright

And you scream baby, let's get depraved

Pages fall away and it's six months now to the day
There's something of the night down there behind my eyes
What did you take from me a sense of decency?
Or something that I might actually miss.

And you scream baby, let's get depraved.
Track Name: Vainglory
Born on the sabbath with blood in his eyes
The midwife turns heels and flees from belief
Feasting on carrion covered in flies
His grin will disarm you all gristle and teeth

Up through the ranks of abused teenage years
Seducing inducing the love of your life
Pulls her in close as he laps at her tears
Rests his chin on her head as he slips out his knife

Now he stands vainglorious over us all
Soft focus lights still got blood in his eye
Sells you opinions that will make you gall
He's a hard man to kill but of course I should try

As we lie on the floor, in a semi embrace, I feel a moment arrive. A moment that will fracture into another and another leading to every other moment that will ever be. The concrete is slick with your blood and your eyes that are glass pass the last image to your brain, that image is me, my face, burning the rods and the cones, there I am, jumping over that last edge with you, the last frame of light blowing through the dark arcades of your mind. The forces pull me off breaking the chain of hand to knife to chest dragging me back through the crowds i piled through just to get to you for a moment, our death moment.
Track Name: Blackletter
Meanwhile back in Frankfurt city there's a girl
with a shard of her name in the back of her brain
But she cannot remember while she cannot forget
and her grimoire is set by the side of her bed

Her Blackletter

Down in the alley there’s a creature that is hiding away
From the bright city lights and the himmlischen blick
Now awaiting the silence that will cover the scene
As something grows near that is pulling it in

A Blackletter

Finally in an hour they will meet on the steps
Of the Schloss where she lives in her Gothic mansard
Then their breathing will stop and their eyes will connect
and empathically share everything they will be

The Blackletter
Track Name: The Spidergoat Lullaby
The lines go on and on, as silence takes its time
I stare at the abyss, as it stares into me
All paths to Brey, have been shut down, and locks have lost their keys
Only me, echo you, slow dancing in the haze

Your slightest touch conveys, the light beneath your caul
The music whispering, a new day on its way
Our hands are stuck, our fingers wet, are weathered in the rain
Light in squares, breaking in, the shadows turned from bones

The room is cold and now, the dream is residue
Spidergoat waiting there, is looming over me
But as it sinks, its fangs back in, I hear her lullaby
Sent to sleep to feed the beast and her little ones